The First Principles

As Wikipedia quotes, “A first principle is a basic proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption”

This is exactly what this website is all about. A place where “We, the community” formulate, collect and collaborate on the first principles across various domains be it science, technology, philosophy, math, management or any other field of study.

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This project is open source carrying an MIT License and the source is available on Github


The resources in this website are just meant to be a helping hand for people exploring the concepts, standards, conventions and the best practices in a certain domain and this can get pretty opinionated at some point with everyone having their own thoughts and comprehensions.

We would advise you to do your own thorough research by talking to experts, following case studies and also seeing what fits your usecase or need before adopting any standard from the catalog in this site.


Brainchild of Vignesh T.V. (Founder, CEO & CTO @timecampus)